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SRS ENTERPRISES is the leading distributor in New Airport Rd Byatarayana Pura, Rajajinagar, Bommnahalli, Hunsmarahallli, Bangalore ? for India’s finest Microtek online , offline and home UPS Series are Super Energy Efficient UPS with > 87 %. It also comes with intelligent feature of Battery Water Level Indicator, which ensures timely topping of water in the Battery. Designed using latest state-of-the art Technology. It comes with many Smart features, Display Status, Fault conditions and Battery Voltage Selection Switch . The UPS operates from Standard Voltage range from 100 V~ 300 V and Narrow Voltage range from 180 V ~ 260 V for running computers and sensitive appliances, Which has a unique key features are as follows, 1. Micro Controller Based Intelligent Control Design. 2. LED Display Indications for UPS Status and Fault 3. CCCV Technology with Auto Trickle Mode 4. Smart Overload Sense and Short Circuit Protection 5. Battery State Monitoring 6. Multi Stage Battery Charger 7. Mains Input Voltage Range Slide Selection Switch 8. Battery Slide Selection Switch (Local/Flat/Tubular),
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